Proto-Call: no-how





World Ornamental Forum Davos 2016

PROTO_CALL for three days of collaborative work in the Kirchner Museum and surroundings May 5th -7th 2016

Like a museum, like a dream, like art, and maybe even life, WOF entails PARADOX. PLAYFULNESS chases away the hovering shadow of PRODUCTIVITY and yields spaces of careful unlimited activity. Retracing gesture as form and ornament as intermediary WOF is a dancing EXCHANGE of elegance and SIGNIFICANCE. Go for it like an unfolding vortex, like the almost invisible entasis.

WOF 2016 will meander between model and gesture:

Case study – example – Fallstudie – paradigm – Beispiel
Praxis – visualisation – movement – performance

WOF has a virtual and an analogue existence here and there. You can log into and be in the WOF any time or you can ascend into Davos and be with Kirchner and others who expose themselves to the pleasant anxiety of no-how*.

WOF is an academic and abstract endeavour into the territory. We need to hack and circumscribe the assignment and we have to engage not with structures but with the material itself always in situ. WOF gives you a space to check your thinking with others, picking up the energy between Sein and Schein necessary today. WOF moves from craftsmanship-to object-to discourse, it asks you to get in line and talk to the people next to you do as much and as little as possible. Folding and unfolding. Welcome to WOF.

*see texts and talks by Sarat Maharaj

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