Proto-Call: May Beyou

Call for WOF 2016

The World Ornamental Forum 2016 will be held from 4th to 7th May 2016 in Davos. WOF’s host will be the Kirchnermuseum, to which we already are highly grateful.

Traditionally the WOF will formulate its own model during these common working days. Although the content will be kept the most open possible we have already formulated a schedule for WOF, days of experience and genuine knowledge.


These unique experience-based experience sessions will, as every experience, live from the participants and their inputs in all possible and impossible planned and popping-up situations.


Therefore you are kindly invited to participate in the creation of WOF 2016; we invite you to send to WOF till 30th October 2015:


  • Letter of Intent: Short description of “What WOF 2016 will have been?”

Formalities:           Max 2 pages A4 or 2’500 characters

Content:                  My description of WOF 2016 on my way back home

  • Biographical data

Formalities:           Max 50 characters in prose

Content:                  You may know

  • My contribution to WOF 16

Formalities:           Max. 1 page or 1’500 characters, pictures, tables, foreign languages allowed

Content:                  Description of the intervention you propose for WOF 2016 and its function within the program

  • My ideal schedule of WOF 16

Formalities:           Open form and quantity

Content:                  What program you would preferre


No jury of any kind will judge your inputs! The definitive program and speakers list will be distributed on registration desk WOF 16. So be prepared to your phantasms falling apart and your dreams turning real!


Please take note of the sketch of program- below




Sketch of Program WOF 2016



Thursday 4th May: Starting Day, presentation of the “Review WOF 2016” and other basics

4.00 pm                   Registration and greeting note           by Thorsten Sadovsky, Head of Kirchnermuseum

4.30 pm                   WOF? WOF!                                            by Ronny Hardlitz Head of Head of WOF

5.00 pm                   Program and schedule                          by Julie Harboe Head of WOF

5.30 pm                   Aperitif and “historical slides”             by and with Heads of WOF

in parallel

6.00 pm                   Presentation of “Review WOF 2016: What WOF 2016 will have been? 42 appliable paradoxes of

(un-) productivity”

7.00 pm                   Dinner and “Academics, so what!”   by May Beyou


Wednesday 5th May: Stationary Day

9.30 am                   arrival and coffee

10.00 am                plenary session, Keynote 1                 by May Beyou

10.45 am                panel 1

11.30 am                “Gesture and Model*”                          by May Beyou

12.15 am                discussion and lunch

2.00 pm                   Specification workshops:

  1. “quantic physics or we don’t know, what is going on*”
  2. “craftsmanship is academic gesture?*”

4.00 pm                   reporting in plenary session

5.00 pm                   “Practical theory or theoretic practice: Ways out” by May Beyou

6.00 pm                   Aperitif and “historical slides”             by WOF

7.30 pm                   Dinner and cultural presentations


Fryday 6th May: Ambulant Day

9.00 am                   coffee at Kirchnermuseum; physical check-up

10.00 am                departure from Kirchnermuseum to Stafelalp by foot

12.00 pm                visit of and lunch at Kirchner’s chalet on Stafelalp and lunch

2.00 pm                   “Woodwork and painting: models and / or / of gestures?*” by May Beyou

4.00 pm                   strengthening drinks and departure to Davos

8.00 pm                   Dinner and Discussions


Saturday 7th May:

9.00 am                   “I would prefer not to!” productivity, unproductivity or opposition, really?              By May Beyou

10.00 am                Discussion

11.00 am                Plenary session: “Reflexions about coming up pasts and past futures”

12.00 am                Discussion

1.00 pm                   Farewell-Aperitif, -lunch and –dinner

3.00 pm                   Closing session

4.00 pm                   closing of WOF 2016



*These topics are set as examples and not as models!

Call for WOF 2016 mb

1 thought on “Proto-Call: May Beyou

  1. AvatarRonny Hardliz

    Letter of intent
    WOF 2016 was an experience closer to what could be described as a body and mind check rather than a usual academic event. My proposed contribution (which I will be describing below, although at this moment of writing my hypothetical feedback I have no idea whatsoever what contribution I will propose) has been completely swallowed by the schedule: instead of making lots of little physical holes in the museum and in the park around the museum I started making holes in the schedule by asking contributors to allow me to occupy a fragment of their space and time. Of course this occupation was entirely uninteresting and profoundly annoying, even for myself! As a result my academic holes became imperceptible, yet not inexistent. I started thinking my holes into each others contributions!
    My contribution to WOF 2016
    I will be making lots of little physical holes in the museum and in the park around the museum throughout the event.
    My ideal schedule of WOF 2016
    The schedule is irrelevant for my contribution and hence my ideal schedule would be precisely the schedule drawn by the organizers.

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