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Response to Proto-Calls by Lars Schuchert

proto-call-reaction-framework / c. lars schuchert


  1. With the WOF 2016 we are setting aside time for a journey. Following the un-necessity of ornament, we will go for walks – metaphorically and in reality, discovering places of E.L. Kirchner – setting forth to dreams may come. Finding ourselves in unexpected topoi, implanting the uncontrolled challenge of serendipity by trusting people to improvise navigation, and provide models as toys for tools. Within a given rhythm of walks and talks, we will meet in matter, performances, presentations, and dialogue. [Lars]


  1. They [all these roles which you will create youresves] can work alongside Voltaire and his optimistic hero, Candide, on the vision of an ideal world designed to meet the requirement of being “the best of all possible worlds,” or they can follow the example of the English scholar Robert Burton and fully surrender to melancholy, failure, and the great No-Purpose. For sometimes the one who fails is indeed the smarter one who is above the illusionism of the realitycapable and the hubris of the winners and doers. Where all of this is heading is thus completely open and depends on the ideas and inspiration of the participants. Left or right turns are possible at any time and the so-called “magic roundabout,” a supreme challenge for traffic planners and participants, is therefore the appropriate symbol for this challenge. [Thorsten]


  1. At the WOF we will offer a rhythmic space of situated effectuation and exploration in which the work of both artists and researchers can be generated, experienced and transformed as indifferent examples. All artists and all researchers will choose their particular site and time-slot of exhibition, presentation, or other form of effectuation, inside or outside the museum building. There will be times of isolated concentration alternating with times of encounter and exchange. […] Ornament is always also an indifferent example of how it could be different. There is playfulness involved, however, this playfulness is serious in terms of what other uses could be imagined. In ornament, the passage from one use to another (or the transformation of ethos) does neither happen as continuous evolution nor as sudden break. It’s just an allusion of another possibility of use, both disruptive and embedded. Ornament can therefore be seen as the primary site of a rhythmic philosophy of indifference. Ornament creates rhythms of potential uses while it is simultaneously indifferent to both the thing as such and that what it could stand for. [Ronny]


  1. Therefore you are kindly invited to participate in the creation of WOF 2016; we invite you to send to WOF till 30th October 2015:

Letter of Intent  (Short description of “What WOF 2016 will have been?”)

Formalities:     Max 2 pages A4 or 2’500 characters

Content:          My description of WOF 2016 on my way back home

Biographical data

Formalities:     Max 50 characters in prose

Content:          You may know

Yout contribution to WOF 16

Formalities:     Max. 1 page or 1’500 characters, pictures, tables, foreign languages allowed

Content:          Description of the intervention you propose for WOF 2016 and its function within the program


No jury of any kind will judge your inputs! The definitive program and speakers list will be distributed on registration desk WOF 16. So be prepared to your phantasms falling apart and your dreams turning real!

Sketch of Program WOF 2016:

Thursday 4th May: Starting Day, presentation of the “Review WOF 2016” and other basics
4.00 pm    Registration and greeting note            by Thorsten Sadovsky, Head of Kirchnermuseum
4.30 pm    WOF? WOF!                          by Ronny Hardlitz Head of Head of WOF
5.00 pm    Program and schedule             by Julie Harboe Head of WOF
5.30 pm    Aperitif and “historical slides”            by and with Heads of WOF in parallel
6.00 pm    Presentation of “Review WOF 2016: What WOF 2016 will have been? 42 appliable
paradoxes of (un-) productivity”
7.00 pm    Dinner and “Academics, so what!”     by May Beyou

Wednesday 5th May: Stationary Day
9.30 am     arrival and coffee
10.00 am   plenary session, Keynote 1     by May Beyo
10.45 am   panel 1
11.30 am   “Gesture and Model*”                        by May Beyou
12.15 am   discussion and lunch
2.00 pm    Specification workshops:
a.         “quantic physics or we don’t know, what is going on*”
b.         “craftsmanship is academic gesture?*”
4.00 pm                reporting in plenary session
5.00 pm                “Practical theory or theoretic practice: Ways out” by May Beyou
6.00 pm                Aperitif and “historical slides”            by WOF
7.30 pm                Dinner and cultural presentations

Fryday 6th May: Ambulant Day
9.00 am     coffee at Kirchnermuseum; physical check-up
10.00 am   departure from Kirchnermuseum to Stafelalp by foot
12.00 pm  visit of and lunch at Kirchner’s chalet on Stafelalp and lunch
2.00 pm    “Woodwork and painting: models and / or / of gestures?*” by May Beyou
4.00 pm    strengthening drinks and departure to Davos
8.00 pm    Dinner and Discussions

Saturday 7th May: Recovery
9.00 am     “I would prefer not to!” productivity, unproductivity or opposition, really?
By May Beyou
10.00 am   Discussion
11.00 am   Plenary session: “Reflexions about coming up pasts and past futures”
12.00 am   Discussion
1.00 pm    Farewell-Aperitif, -lunch and –dinner
3.00 pm    Closing session
4.00 pm    closing of WOF 2016

*These topics are set as examples and not as models! [Martin]


  1. Key topics: new vocabularies, format of the format, coming–, temporalities-eventualities, altitudes, sea level, sound theory, meta-phrasing and un-phrasing, ornament, architecture, periodicals, commons and the humanities, scores, stars down to earth. “A new setting dictates a new modus in which to work: there is no material to quote from on hand. The modus is prompted by …” (Sergei Eisenstein, 1988). Ten successful applicants will be invited to take part in a prize draw! [Verina]


  1. Like a museum, like a dream, like art, and maybe even life, WOF entails PARADOX. PLAYFULNESS chases away the hovering shadow of PRODUCTIVITY and yields spaces of careful unlimited activity. Retracing gesture as form and ornament as intermediary WOF is a dancing EXCHANGE of elegance and SIGNIFICANCE. Go for it like an unfolding vortex, like the almost invisible entasis.

WOF 2016 will meander between model and gesture:


Case study – example – Fallstudie – paradigm – Beispiel

Praxis – visualisation – movement – performance


WOF has a virtual and an analogue existence here and there. You can log into and be in the WOF any time or you can ascend into Davos and be with Kirchner and others who expose themselves to the pleasant anxiety of no-how. (*see texts and talks by Sarat Maharaj


WOF is an academic and abstract endeavour into the territory. We need to hack and circumscribe the assignment and we have to engage not with structures but with the material itself always in situ. WOF gives you a space to check your thinking with others, picking up the energy between Sein and Schein necessary today. WOF moves from craftsmanship-to object-to discourse, it asks you to get in line and talk to the people next to you do as much and as little as possible. Folding and unfolding. Welcome to WOF. [Julie]

Proto-Call: «model»

Proto-Call / WOF 2016 / C. Lars Schuchert

With the WOF 2016 we are setting aside time for a journey. Following the un-necessity of ornament, we will go for walks – metaphorically and in reality, discovering places of E.L. Kirchner – setting forth to dreams may come. Finding ourselves in unexpected topoi, implanting the uncontrolled challenge of serendipity by trusting people to improvise navigation, and provide models as toys for tools. Within a given rhythm of walks and talks, we will meet in matter, performances, presentations, and dialogue.

To set the stage and content of the WOF 2016, we ask for proposals in formats which are open to experimentation and reflection while addressing topics of gesture and practice, model and example. We are asking for proposals to conclude what the WOF 2016 will have been once it is over: whom you will have met, what topics will have been discussed, what you will have discovered, etc.

Engaging this utopian picture in retrospective future feedback, we will unroll the ornamental present towards the WOF 2016, finalizing in the past of un-production.

As warm-up, we ask for the contribution in the sense of a «Letter of Interest» at our website, proposing your interest and involvement at the WOF 2016 and reaction to the following question:

  • How can the metaphor of a «model» help to understand the connection between ornament and unproductive activity?


dramatize/fall    lcs_1

enjoy/fly    lcs_2

or else…    lcs_3


\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/Which key-notes would you like to share with all of us?

The most resonating key-notes I took are (in random order):

-Ornament is a verb – the making can release unmentioned unconscious thoughts and trigger reactions from other participants which result in deeper reflections. We make – there/for we are.

-The setting is important as it is part of the ornament – the scenery of Davos, the Kirchner Museum’s spaces and exhibited artworks, and in particular Thorsten made us feel at home. We are where we are.

-Stay Beta – giving the chance of notes instead of presentations, talks instead of panel discussions, sketches and models instead of finished results embraces the spirit of open source. Everything is a contribution.

-Become Craftswomen and Craftsmen (conf. Richard Sennett) – the making hand is part of the (research) body as is the strolling mind. Make to make and reflect.

-Train agility and versatility – future challenges are unforeseeable. Know what you make, take what you have and go for The Road not taken (conf. Robert Frost) where the unknown is already waiting.

-Monday Morning Mystic – plan the pause. Set the alarm to stop what you are doing and go for the being. Human being.

-Theoretical action needs practical action wants poetical action. The brick wants an arch (conf. Louis I. Kahn).

-Ornament is a trace (conf. the picture of my last weekend accident – I forgot the noodle soup on the stove). Let’s search for these patterns and activate the potential of ornament through gesture.

\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/What is the relevance of WOF in your work? How do its aspects reflect in your current projects and how could you imagine integrating the questions WOF raised in future projects?

The questions and aspects from the WOF I would like to include in future research (projects) are:

-Learn to make and learn to read what is made – “Bildung” is what our students need, and it covers more than disciplinary transfer of knowledge but connecting to the students and connecting them to the sources. “Bildung” is our mission and responsibility.

-Trust the model. It will reveal. Nourish your inner pictures, poetically describe them and share them with others [thanks, Wendelin].

-Set yourself with some irritation. Not too much – but some. And listen to it.

-Go “super” (conf. the Super-Modulor). The magnificent failure (upon its reflection) is more than the hesitating attempt.

-Connectivity – how can the question of ornament and its preliminary answers from the WOF connect to relevant issues?