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I actually found the WOF experience to be very relevant to my work and research and it already informs my current and future projects.

In addition to the conversations we had around and during the WOF, the workshop part in which I was part of a group of three participants, produced some valuable insights that I took with me. Namely the realization that there are vast fields, discourses, knowledges, skills and resources that are imperative for a project to materialize regardless of funding.

What I mean by this is that the workshop phase at he WOF enabled us to analyze and map the various resources needed for setting up the WOF. Though this process we realized how late in the life of a project money comes in, and how much every project is dependent on the commons – on shared and co-dependent values and tools – education, transportation, information, curiosity and so on. I have taken this method and its conclusions back with me and have been implementing it as part of my position as a director of a museum and my practice as a curator of contemporary art.