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There are good reasons to be wary about the quantification and commodification of daily routines, at home and at work. I consider to explore the topic at WOF 2016 through a series of micro-interventions and subliminal encounters ‘anywhere’ at the Kirchner Museum and … ‘by the tree’ (see ‘encounters by the tree’, WOF 2015).


The installation from 2014 ‘Rituals of Self Design’ (see video) articulated an analogy: the relation between home improvement and body improvement. More recently, the January 2016 exhibition in London, ‘Domesticated’, referred to practices of self-optimisation and control, allowing audiences to act and reflect on the furniture-scale objects on site. Read an online review by ThisIsTomorrow.


Christoph Zellweger

Proto-Call: Tree Site Encounters

DSCN8171 DSCN8151 DSCN8136 DSCN8133WOF 2015 / 2016

In front of the Kirchner Museum there are a few impressive needle trees and a larger space Ronny and I enjoyed last year to deal with the cardboard circle. Ronny had prepared the circle to leave an imprint in the snow using a hair dryer and I further explored the symbol and ornament from below.


During the April 2015 WOF Forum I again intend to spend some time near the tree(s) in front of the museum. Tree Site Encounters are open to everyone but I specifically wish to invite YOU to join me individually for moments or minutes of unproductive productivity in April.

Last years attempt to explore the hidden side of that cardboard circle in the snow led to the discovery of unexpected growth. I now wonder what else the underneath, the hidden, the reverse and the invisible have to offer.


If WEF represents the currently dominant way of thinking (optimising, minimising, efficiency) then WOF stands for all else that is needed to counterbalance that limited approach (chance, splendour, subversion, mindful/mindless repetition).  

I am looking forward to encounters by the trees at WOF 2016…               Christoph Zellweger