WOF Christoph Zellweger continues to work!

There are good reasons to be wary about the quantification and commodification of daily routines, at home and at work. I consider to explore the topic at WOF 2016 through a series of micro-interventions and subliminal encounters ‘anywhere’ at the Kirchner Museum and … ‘by the tree’ (see ‘encounters by the tree’, WOF 2015).


The installation from 2014 ‘Rituals of Self Design’ (see video) articulated an analogy: the relation between home improvement and body improvement. More recently, the January 2016 exhibition in London, ‘Domesticated’, referred to practices of self-optimisation and control, allowing audiences to act and reflect on the furniture-scale objects on site. Read an online review by ThisIsTomorrow. http://thisistomorrow.info/articles/christoph-zellweger-domesticated


Christoph Zellweger

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